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Fireworks Regulations

Post Date:06/19/2017 2:49 PM

Fireworks restrictions remain in place in Eagle Mountain City in brush/grassy areas and some neighborhoods. Please review the following information from Unified Fire Authority and visit their website for an interactive map showing restricted areas in Eagle Mountain City.

Dates and Times for Legal Discharge

You may discharge fireworks from July 1 to July 7 and from July 21 to July 27 between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. (Please note: On July 4 and 24 the discharge is extended to 12:00 midnight.)

The state is at high risk for wildland and urban interface fires. Please use extreme caution when discharging fireworks during the upcoming holiday season.

There are areas that are prohibited from the discharge of fireworks. Fireworks restricted areas are in close proximity to brush/grass covered areas, thick forested areas, open fields, etc. 

Weather conditions: If high winds, precipitation, or other adverse weather conditions occur, fireworks discharge should be postponed or discontinued until weather conditions improve.

Aerial fireworks are designed to travel up to 150 feet into the air and then explode. Aerial fireworks need to be placed on a hard level surface outdoors, in a clear and open area prior to ignition. Anyone under the age of 16 is prohibited to handle or operate aerial fireworks. Ignition of aerial fireworks needs to be a minimum of 30 feet away from any structure or vertical obstruction. Aerial fireworks are prohibited in the restricted areas and within 300 feet of vacant lots and undeveloped land.

Ground based fireworks are prohibited in the restricted areas and within 50 feet of vacant lots and undeveloped land.